Ibotta didnt help me when I had a problem, instead they kept my money. I couldnt get into my acct and asked for help, but got none, so I opened up another acct and I didnt remember that you could only have one acct, so they closed both of them after we had resolved which one I wanted to keep and I told them the acct with 52.00 and change in it, the other one was 16 and change, but they never complied, I still couldnt get into my accts, so now they are keeping both accts money, and taking 3.99 a month out until drained.

I worked hard at getting where I was with them, but I dont do it anymore.

They have *** customer service, every time I worked with them, ha, ha, I delt with different people..so they got over 78 dollars off of me, and that took alot of receipts. Just think if they rip off many customers, how much money they are getting?!!!bebe

thanks for listening, good luck

Monetary Loss: $78.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ibotta Cons: Continual denial of cash back, Not having your problems resolved.

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