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Recently the Ibotta app was not working properly and I sent in a request. When I didn't hear back in 2 days I resubmit it.

Then I submitted on another receipt for the same problem. Rather than fix the issue I bought a deactivated my account without notice. I've seen him or online complaints about this recently and feel like either they don't have the money to pay or their customer service is just Fallen to an all-time low.

Not only am I deleting all of my referral post for this company but I'm contacting the products that I did not receive payment on to complain about Ibotta and their practices. Not only will I no longer refer or use Ibotta I will no longer purchase the products that they support.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ibotta Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Sasha, that's no excuse. If that's the issue then they need to inform their members and shut down their app.

I reached out to the Better Business Bureau because I can only Imagine how many customers they are hustling money from.

Because the monies that they are taken from people are not being accounted for. Emagine people who have hundreds of dollars in their accounts and then ibotta deciding to just keep those hundreds of dollars without explanation.


Same thing just happened to me. I think they don’t have the funds anymore. I contacted them 6 times and when I finally got through, they deactivated my account!


Same thing happened to me today!!!


Same thing happen to me. I joined ibotta got my family and inlaws got money back from it. I reach $93 from doing it and they deactivate my account for no reason.

to Anonymous #1580285

Seems like the SAME THING that is happening to me.


I just got banned too. What a sad company, they didn't even give me a reason why they felt as though they should keep my money. Fraudulent and disgusting.

to PiquantWhiteFacedCapuchin #1471067

Seems to be what they do lately. I think we should all contact the company's whose products they represent and let them know that Ibotta is acting in a fraudulent manner.

to PiquantWhiteFacedCapuchin #1615169

This just happened to me today. It all started with me scanning my receipt for a purchase of $200 a nother receipt with the purchase of a $127 it was in pending for 4 days and after that my account was locked and I was told that they had to reverse some of my transactions due to me scanning previous receipts more than once.

So what they did was allow me to continue to shop and once they felt they had the money in my account they reversed it. which I wasn't sure if I did or not so I was OK with that "me being new to this type of program I assumed that they knew why they were talking about" then they locked my account so I could not withdraw my remaining balance which was $91.75, after me reaching out to them several times putting in several tickets they deactivated my account still not allowing me to withdraw my $91.75.

By the way I never got a response from the customer care team. So I decided to go on Facebook and YouTube to research this situation and I noticed that's hundreds of people are complaining about the same situation and how they are not having access to the monies that is due to them because they are being locked out of their accounts or they are having their accounts dactivated with out given the opportunity with withdraw the monies that are due to them, so I only can imagine how much money ibotta is taking from customers.

to IcyGlassLizard #1615172

I filed an complaint with the Better Business Bureau


I am so MAD. I was new to Ibotta, had no clue about it and ontop of it I just started couponing also.

Nobody takes the time when they have a 12 month old, husband, and are so busy you can’t catch up. So I mixed up a couple receipts at first... no big deal they unsuspended my account, I get my receipts mixed up... I have so many darn receipts I can’t keep track even.

Maybe I should be more careful, but none the less they gave me a couple shots. BUT, this last time... they permanently suspended my account for absolutely no reason. I had almost 40.00$ on my account of products I actually bought, it was not cheated or fraud or whatever you want to call it.

It was EARNED MONEY, period. I went to withdrawal the money and it asked for my password, the email included in the pop up box to enter my password was my PAYPAL EMAIL, not the email for my Ibotta. So me being me, and anybody else would think also they were asking for my PAYPAL password.. correct?

Well I kept entering it, and trying again and again. And nothing wrong password, so I go in and reset it from my app, and then try again. Nope contact support, account locked. Oh great, they sent me an email, failure to enter right Ibotta password?

Oh okay, jeeze... i just assumed since it was my PayPal email, it makes sense now. I don’t have the same password for both because PayPal requires special characters. That’s what I did wrong!

Well something that could happen to anybody, no big deal right? Well wrong! I got an email back the following day saying that my account was suspended because I submitted alike receipts in the past and pretty much long story of blah blah read our terms. HOLD ON!!!

We already went through this BEFORE and you unsuspended my account. Now I entered a wrong password, it was an honest MISTAKE. I can’t believe customer service. So I can just never use my account again?

All because you guys can’t be bothered to ask me a darn security question and be on the way. Wow way to go Ibotta. 0 stars from me. You took money that really helps, some people struggle.

They need it.

Convienet that when I’m trying to withdrawal money you suspend me. Hmmm


Not only did you deactivate my account but accuse me of stealing receipts. At a bar when you pay cash you receive multiple receipts per day for multiple drinks purchased.

I have never used someone else's receipt but rather than check or better yet reach out to the retailer to check you just automatically accused me of theft.You do not have my "cooperation or understanding" as I find it offensive to be accused of this. I have reached out to the retailer as I am a regular customer and they are contacting their suppliers to complain the their suppliers and to the manufacturers, as will I.

Ibotta Verified Representative

We have completed the review of your account. Based on our analysis, we have chosen to permanently deactivate your account.It appears that your receipts show multiple transactions per day at the same retailer.

We consider this irregular shopping behavior and have reason to believe that these purchases were not made by you, but by other people. Per Ibotta's Terms of Use, Section 10.2, users may not redeem, or attempt to redeem, Ibotta offers for products that have not actually been purchased and retained by that user.Due to the nature of our business, we reserve the right to suspend accounts either temporarily or permanently if users violate any section of our Terms of Use.Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

to IbottaCares #1474436

It's common to have more than one transaction at a bar. Some places do not allow you to run tabs. You have to pay for drinks as they are ordered.

to Cristenna #1474444

Someone needs to explain that to Ibotta. I had emailed them because they allowed multiple rebates, I had 2 drinks on the tab but they only credited one.

They didn't respond so I emailed again and that is when they decided I must be dishonest and closed my account and kept my money. Scammers!

to Anonymous #1474522

They did the exact same thing to me and sent me the exact same response. When I emailed trying to explain they sent another automated response. Horrible customer service and obviously not very intelligent agents if they don't understand that you can easily have several receipts from a bar.

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