I bought it will deactivate your account and then will not reactivate your account it doesn't make sense that they want you to buy stuff scanning receipts and then turn around and deactivate your account when you've done nothing wrong I purchased items that I wouldn't purchase normally had there not have been a cashback offer through I thought of it but my account was deactivated so now I've bought products that I'd have no use for it and also could not get the rebates for them either contact that I bought a multiple times asking for them to please at least reactivate my account so that for whatever reason my account was deactivated will no longer ever be an issue I just don't understand why they would throw away a user who genuinely use the app every day

User's recommendation: If you do use I bought it it can be a great app however don't let your money build up as soon as the money gets in their cash out as soon as possible my account was deactivated with over $300 available to me and I cannot access send money.

Location: Fontana, California

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