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They advertised Heinz ketchup 32 oz + mayonnaise any size, any variety which I bought as a combo offer and probably wouldn’t have at this time but thought of making use of the offer....which was about $6 worth of spending and hoping to get back $3.5 as advertised, but got nothing as it wouldn’t accept the mayonnaise!! Sent to support got nothing back....they even wrote ‘solved’ then I put in a question and got no reply....really disappointed submitted again.

They sent an email saying it could take more than 7 days! Today I got the natures valley granola bars advertised for $0.75 back, I used Wal-Mart pay so was not able to scan barcode but posted photo of digital receipt and they wouldn’t accept it!! I think I will not use or reccomend this app to anyone unless they get back to me for the two issues I submitted!!

The total was $4.25! I would have probably not bought those items if they were not on offer!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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I also tried to claim the Heinz 4.50 combo. Ibotta emailed day after i submitted paper receipt stating receipt wasnt from a recognized was shoprite..

I have submitted dozens of receipt in the past..i was supposed to get $7.60 total..i resubmitted receipt and was accepted but only got 1.75 credit because Heinz offer and a few other offers were no longer available. Also they made me scan barcodes for all the items.

I emailed them and no answer yet. Really irritates me


Get a paper reception from walmart then resubmit. They can do that at customer service.


I had the same experience yesterday with the mayo ketchup deal. I also wrote Ibotta. I haven't heard anything back either.

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