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I tried to transfer $40 dollars to my bank then I got a picture saying a customer can only have one bank account and I only have one bank account this has been going on for about a month ibotta has asked for my first name,Date of Birth, email address, the last four digits of my phone number other emails they sent me said many times another article and I told them it did not work this problem has been going on for a month one email they sent me had two accounts on them I told them I wanted account number two with the amount of $42.71 all ibotta has do is a manual transfer of $40 dollars into my bank account which they already have all the information one picture I got says a customer can only have one bank account I also contacted customer service by phone three times and never got a call back I don't think their customer care team knows what they're doing if they would have done the manual transfer with all the information that I have given them it would have only take one to three business days and I would have already had the money

User's recommendation: I would never recommend ibotta.

Location: Reading, Pennsylvania

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