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Ibotta is pretty much a waste of time & useless anymore. Rarely if ever do they list savings for products or items IfF am interested in or ever purchase.

Ibotta seems to be geared more towards introducing or advertising newer, more expensive brand products than actually offering savings. 80% of the offers are for organic, all natural, keto, paleo, vegan, etc. "healthier" brands or newer brands I've never heard of before. I can barely afford the rise in grocery products these days, so I definitely cannot afford to buy a "healthier" brand that costs twice as much just to save 25 cents.

Other than an occasional 10 cent any item offer once in a blue moon, I rarely find an offer I can use. The bonus offers are useless also, they set a goal of purchasing a set number of products within a time frame that is impossible to reach, especially when there are no offers for products you care to buy.

Ibotta is also too time consuming because you have to scroll through all the offers and "clip" which offers you may want. If you happen to forget to "clip" your offer & purchase the item first, then you risk Ibotta rejecting your submission

User's recommendation: Fetch Rewards is a better option, it's quick & easy. Snap a picture of your receipt & send, that's it. Your guaranteed at least 25 points for each receipt regardless of what you purchase.

Location: Belleville, Michigan

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I have just got my check. I have $200.

money order but no stamp. No car .

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