Ive been trying to get ahold of Ibotta for MONTHS. Ive tried to email them and EVERY SINGLE email Ive sent gets sent back to me saying it can not be delivered.

My FIRST Ibotta account has NEVER let me verify my email address so I started a NEW ONE thinking lets try again. NOW its let me verify my email address but not my phone number because my phone number is linked to my OTHER account. Today after NUMEROUS ATTEMPTS to delete my OLD Ibotta account it FINALLY let me deactivate it BUT as of now I STILL cant verify my phone number on my new account. Ill give it another couple days but Im PISSED!

I had $17 and some change on my old account and I have $44 and some change on my new account. Seems like a HUGE SCAM to get people to buy things and NOT get the money back like they say.

User's recommendation: Verify ALL INFO before you start “saving”.

Location: Rogersville, Missouri

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